Smart Housing

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By: Sophia Kee

Sophia is a Chartered Architectural Technologist, she graduated from Derby University, UK in 2008, and after graduating with a 1st class honours degree went onto work in UK then Hong Kong. Whilst gaining valuable industry experience; delivering mixed-use/ retail developments in China, Vietnam and Malaysia Sophia progressed her studies via distance learning and attained a Masters in Energy and Sustainable Building Design from Leicester DeMontfort. In 2010 Sophia transferred to Singapore and delivered Changi Airport Terminal 4, a fully integrated BIM designed airport project with stringent green and environmental design aspirations. Sophia has since relocated to Dubai and is working for AESG as a Senior sustainability consultant, integrating sustainability on a wide-range of projects from Masterplanning to Hospitality. Sophia is working closely with CIAT overseas in delivering the message of Architectural Technology in industry and is a great working example of transferable experience within architectural technology, sustainable design and engineering in global working practices.

Date Published: March 19, 2019