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Handover Management

Handover Management

There is a contractual requirement to hand over record documents that relate to all the materials and equipment that have been installed within a building, enabling the building owner or operator to maintain and update them as required. This includes Operating and Maintenance Manuals and as-built drawings.

These records have traditionally been provided as hard copies, and they tend to have many deficiencies, including the following:

  • The contractor places little value on this as his / her involvement ends at PC
  • The contractors (and other team personnel) change regularly so records of actual equipment are not kept and new staff are not familiar with things, so often the wrong information is provided
  • The contractor inserts the catalogue information from the suppliers without checking it, which results in more surplus and irrelevant information than correct information
  • Commissioning can be delayed due to incorrect information being provided on installed equipment
  • The contractor, on occasion, may inadvertently purchase incorrect or incomplete equipment, which may not be picked up on until commissioning commences

There are now cloud-based software systems that can be used to host details and track the submission and approval system; this system is transparent for all parties assigned to view.

As AESG is involved from the concept design stage to the handover, it is more practical for us to take on this role and have control over what is designed, installed and handed over so that problems are overcome before commissioning and the client receives the correct information on handover.