Fire Safety Engineering

AESG’s fire and life safety consulting team possess decades of global experience in providing advisory and engineering services to Clients in the building, industrial and oil and gas sectors. Our commitment to resilient urban development goes hand in hand with our philosophy for our fire and life safety consultancy, where we ensure that no stone is left unturned in the solutions we provide.

Our team are well versed in international and local fire and life safety standards within our operational markets, including the NFPA codes and standards, Approved Document B, IFC, IBC and British Standards, as well as the regional Fire and Life Safety Codes including SBC and the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code. Our team is also on top of the latest developments in the performance and risk-based fire engineering field. AESG’s team also have vast experience in fire safety system implementation, delivering a depth of knowledge that has proven essential in providing our clients with technically feasible and practical solutions

Our Services include:
  • Fire Life Safety Design
  • Fire Systems Design and Engineering
  • Fire and Smoke Modelling
  • Egress Modelling
  • Construction Supervision
  • Code Compliance Audits
  • Development of Cause and Effect Matrix
  • Civil Defence Approvals
  • Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessments
  • Testing and Commissioning for Fire and Life Safety Systems