Ecology Surveys

An essential element of our environmental offering is the ability to offer expert ecological services in-house. The AESG Environment Team includes specialists that are familiar with the unique ecosystems present in various locations around the world. This allows comprehensive and thorough integration of marine and ecological components when delivering large-scale environmental studies such as Environmental Impact Assessments.

AESG can also provide stand-alone baseline studies ranging from high-level rapid surveying to detailed biodiversity assessments in both terrestrial and marine environments. A variety of survey methods can be applied which are tailored to the needs of the project, including transects, camera trapping, nocturnal surveying, and SCUBA diving surveys.

AESG can develop and deliver tailored marine and terrestrial ecological management plans for individual projects that provide creative solutions to minimizing ecological impacts while meeting project requirements and client needs, ranging from conservation plans to compensation and restoration strategies.

Our Services include:
  • Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBS)
  • Terrestrial Ecology Survey
  • Marine Ecology Survey
  • Tree Tagging Survey
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Ecological Impact Assessment and Management Plan
  • Rehabilitation and Compensation Strategy