Data Management for the Built Environment

Data Management for the Built Environment

Secure, Collaborative, Cloud-Based Access at your fingertips

Commissioning and handover information management couldn’t get any easier. AESG’s Data+ digital platform serves as your ‘central source of truth’ to stay ahead of the curve with its insightful data management solutions.

Commissioning & Handover information has not changed, but how you access it has!

Through AESG’s Acquisition of Springboard Middle East and with our in-house cloud-based platform, Data +, we provide a secure, collaborative environment that serves as a central source of truth for all stakeholders and project teams.

By adopting an integrated, digital approach across handover and commissioning, AESG are committed to leading the data revolution in the built environment.

Data Management for the Built Environment

Take Control with a Process Driven, User-Friendly Interface

Our digital approach to commissioning is a welcome relief for property owners and facilities management teams as it holds teams accountable with its workflows and performance indicators.

Digital Handover Management

We understand that the delivery and use of handover information is a constant source of frustration for Property Owners & Facilities Management Teams. By enriching the project teams and supply chain with a process-driven approach and a user-friendly interface that provides data management tools, bespoke workflows, and powerful performance indicators, we can produce accurate and validated handover information that is used beyond DLP and into operation.

Real Time Status and Forecast

From tracking KPIs to workflows and issue logs, you will be empowered to make predictions backed with data, resulting in swift and efficient delivery.

Digital Commissioning Management

Our Digital Cx Module can be easily deployed on projects to manage the entire process from pre-design to close-out. Based around a CxM methodology, we can quantify and organize Cx data while seamlessly tracking KPIs, Workflows and Issues Logs to provide your project teams with real-time Cx status’ and forecasts.

Data Management for the Built Environment
Data Management for the Built Environment

From Design, Through Construction, Into Operation

With accurate and validated data, as property owners and designers you can have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the process throughout the lifecycle of the project.

BIM Management Services

By working with property owners and designers at an early stage, we provide a COBie and BIM Level 2 compliant framework for defining Asset Information and Data Exchange Requirements from design, through construction into operation.

Perform Powerful Contextual Insights

Experience the power of data analytics through an integrated digital approach using our digital solution Data+

Digital Twins & IoT Integration

Validated handover and commissioning data can be integrated with IoT networks and Building Management Systems to perform powerful, contextual insights and analytics of live asset data. Our digital twins can improve efficiencies and optimize system operations throughout buildings’ lifecycle.

Data Management for the Built Environment

Our Services include:
  • Digital O&M Manuals
  • Digital Asset Registers
  • Digital Commissioning Management
  • Digital Building Log Books
  • Digital Building User Guides BREEAM
  • 3D Asset Data Integration
  • QR Coding
  • 3D Visuals
  • COBie Exports
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • CAFM Integration
  • Digital Twins
  • IoT Integration
  • Building Analytics