Data Centre Commissioning

Increased Uptime, Increased ROI and Fewer Repairs

As data centre developers and owners, you will see first-hand, the benefits that come from data centre commissioning conducted by our team- all to assure the highest levels of reliability and efficiency are achieved in line with the design intent.

Commissioning is the process that reviews and tests the data centre’s physical infrastructure design as a holistic system to assure the highest level of reliability and efficiency are achieved, in accordance with the design. Placed in the context of entire data centre deployment, commissioning should be part of the implementation phase, commencing with a commissionability review of the design for optimisation of chiller, pump and fan power, and simplification of design for commissioning and operation.

Data centre commissioning holds many benefits for the data centre developers and owner, such as quicker construction with reduced problems. increased uptime, higher availability and fewer repairs, in addition to fast fixes and fewer changes, reduced costs and increased return on investment. We are well versed in commissioning data centres to the highest performance requirements, including management of the uptime certification process.


Data Centre Commissioning
January 20, 2020

Data Centre Commissioning

Our Services include:
  • Scripting checklists
  • FAT and SAT witnessing
  • Component error log
  • Verification of IST
  • Collating and verifying commissioning results
  • Pre-functional testing of building systems
  • Reviewing design and shop drawings
  • Coordinating functional testing of building systems
  • Coordinating handover activities and facility management training
  • Managing Uptime Certification