Carbon Strategy

City and community scale energy planning requires a smart approach throughout the brief and development stage of a project, beginning with an analysis of existing infrastructure and environmental/climatic conditions to ensure the most efficient and resilient source of energy is supplied to meet the demand.

AESG follows a systematic approach to the development of city-wide energy strategies. Facilitated by our skilled team of energy and services engineers, alongside our sustainable urban planning team, to provide a cohesive and effective energy strategy encompassing both sustainable supply as well as demand reduction. Our in-depth knowledge of innovative and smart solutions allows for the evaluation and prioritization of low carbon energy sources, including an assessment of renewable energy potential as well as other sources of high efficiency generation. AESG’s expertise within demand side management enables the integration of demand reduction strategies at the outset, preventing over-supply and consequent in-efficiencies.

Our Services include:
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility
  • Demand Side Management
  • Energy Engineering
  • Energy Advisory Services
  • Zero Energy Design