Acoustic Engineering

How people experience buildings is the driving metric of building design today, and acoustic design is a vital component of that. Acoustics have the potential to affect human health, employee productivity and overall communication. AESG’s holistic approach for acoustic design encompasses a comprehensive suite of services over the whole lifecycle of buildings from planning to commissioning. Acoustic design criteria vary depending on the intended use and functions of spaces, and our highly-skilled professionals have extensive international experience, and are familiar with the local, regional and international regulations and guidelines that shape all solutions. Our services include the full spectrum of acoustic design requirements, including site noise and vibration measurements, noise modelling and full-fledged acoustic design, material selection, specifications and construction documentation.

Our Services include:
  • Site Noise and Vibration Surveys
  • Acoustic Design
  • Building and Façade Acoustics
  • Acoustics in various room functions and uses
  • Industrial Noise Assessment
  • Noise Modelling