Commissioning management for the building industry

Commissioning yields on average 5%–10% improvements in energy efficiency helping prepare building staff to operate and maintain its systems and equipment

Re-Commissioning / Retro Commissioning

AESG work to the highest international standards for building commissioning and follow the procedures and guidelines set out in ASHRAE and the Building Commissioning Association.

Re-Commissioning / Retro Commissioning

Recommissioning (RCx) is a re-optimization process for existing buildings that improves a building’s overall performance by optimizing energy efficient design features and directly addressing equipment performance and system integration issues.

Studies have shown that recommissioning can achieve energy savings of 5-15% without the installation of any additional equipment. Our experienced team of commissioning engineers and Certified Energy Managers provides Clients with expertise to not only ensure on-going safe operation of the building but also maximise energy savings. AESG’s re-commissioning services include;

  • Facility inspections and asset surveys
  • Building fine tuning
  • Functional testing of building systems
  • BMS recalibration and update sequences of operation
  • As-built documentation and O&M manual review
  • Rebalancing of HVAC systems
  • Review of start up/shut-down procedures
  • Review equipment scheduling
  • Thermographic surveys of electrical systems

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